Fill Rate

Fill Rate refers to the percentage of your staffing needs that we fill with Wonoloers. Our intelligent matching algorithm and 24/7 dedicated Fill Rate team make sure that when you need help, Wonolo is there for you.

At Wonolo, we pride ourselves in a platform wide average fill rate of over 90%. Here are a few ways to hack Wonolo for better Fill Rate on your jobs:

  1. Make your job description short, but informative. If you have any requirements, be clear and up front. If your office/warehouse is hard to find, put detailed arrival instructions. Wonolo requires a lot of trust on both sides and it starts with the job description
  2. Post with lots of lead time. Wonolo is an ondemand platform, but the system runs optimally with more than 4 hours lead time. Post a multi-day job for the week to get even better results
  3. Increase your wage. Wonolo is a marketplace. If you make your job more attractive to the community, it's much more likely to get to 100% fill rate.
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