How does the ratings system work and what is it?

Your profile includes a few tidbits of information such as a picture of yourself, currently registered phone number, any awesomely earned badges, and of course, your overall star rating.

All of this will be accessible by the Requestor when you accept any given job from them.

On the technical side of things, the star rating is very important because it is part of a bigger algorithm which gives you priority access to jobs before lower rated Wonoloers.

It is also how job Requestor's can see how motivated, highly professional and hard working you are when you are out Wonoloing.

Just for a little more insight on this, here is the rating scorecard that Requestor's typically use for rating your performance:

5 = Great job! Went the extra mile. Demonstrated the 5P's.
4 = Nice work. Performed up to expectations.
3 = Satisfactory. Performed the tasks that were given but wasn't quite the right fit.
2 = Poor Performance. Added little value or was disruptive.
1 = Unacceptable. Performance, behavior, and/or attitude was not professional.

If you do receive 3 stars or less from a Requestor, you may not be able to accept jobs from them in the future.

There are 2 types of ratings you'll see.

  1. Overall rating
  2. Job category ratings

Overall Rating

Your overall rating is based on the last 23 jobs you complete. That means if your overall rating happens to dip because you had an off day and got a less than 5 star rating, you can always increase your overall rating by knocking it out of the park on future jobs. Your overall rating counts jobs in all categories you work. So, if you worked at a warehouse on Monday and then picked up a delivery job on Wednesday, both would count toward your overall rating.

Job category ratings

Wonolo will still calculate the average rating for each job category. So if you've completed 10 warehouse jobs, you will still be able to see an average rating for just the warehouse jobs you've done. 

If you have also completed 5 Customer Service jobs, there will be a separate average rating based on all the jobs in that category. 

When we calculate the average rating for a job category, we count all the jobs you've completed, not just the last 23. Requestors will also be able to see how many jobs you've completed in a particular category. 


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