How do I get my payments and how long does that take?

Payments are sent via direct deposit to your account on record.

Once you have completed your on-boarding process, you will be able to input your payment information through the Wonolo app. You can link your direct deposit to either your bank account or debit card.

Once your payment information has been inputted and verified, your payments will begin to process once your job has been approved.

Jobs are approved within 24-48 hours upon completion. If it remains unapproved within 24 hours, your payment will auto-process.

With our continued pursuit to creating a better Wonolo experience, we have implemented auto-payment. This is to avoid delays on your payments.

It will take 3 business days from when the job was approved for that payment hit your account through the bank's ACH process.


Note: As a Wonoloer, you are an independent contractor. Please carefully read the Terms of Service before you push “I Agree” during your first login.

We cannot provide tax advice and you are responsible for filing your own taxes. You can find information online and you may want to start at or

If you have any other questions, please contact us at We are always here to help.

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